Tuesday, November 27, 2007


- I'll start with the most unsurprising piece of "news" I have. AJ Feeley lost a game at QB and is being hailed as a savior. Listen, I'll admit that McNabb has been well across the border of awful this season, playing with one leg and seemingly diminished heart, but let's be real, he's just as qualified as Feeley to throw game starting and game ending interceptions. How about we let Feeley win a game before exalting him as the new Tom Brady? Seriously folks, we go through this every year with the same results every time, and yet never seem to learn anything from it. I'm really beginning to think that the Yuengling factory shares a water supply with Three Mile Island, which would explain A LOT about the common Cuz.

- In happy Eagles news, Sports Illustrated is calling Brian Westbrook the best running back in the NFL! Actually, some dude over at SI.com is calling him the best running back in the NFL, but we'll happily take it. Full story here.

- Kyle Korver's back! Wait, Kyle Korver was gone?

- Remember when I said that the Andre Miller trade rumors were false? Bet you didn't know that I frequently speak too soon and simply can't be trusted

- I'm dangerously close to retracting my statement regarding my lack of hockey interest. It turns out the Flyers are straight thugs. Yesterday it was reported that Boston was going to be gunning for certain Flyers in retaliation for some acts of violence which occurred in their most recent game. What I didn't realize was that it seems in Boston, the term retaliation actually translates into "getting our asses kicked even worse than before". Sure, the Flyers lost the game, but won the lack of concussions and blood shed competitions. I can live with that.

- Nostra-J Roll is at it again. Asked last night to forecast the upcoming Phillies season, the MVP decided to keep it simple, and kept his predictions to 100 wins, another NL East title and a Broad Street parade. My prediction: J Roll will easily lead the league in the Hit-By-Pitches category. The man is zeroing in on the cockiness of Jay-Z in his prime, and I love every second of it. April can't come soon enough.

- Finally, on an extremely rare serious note, I'd like to take a moment to send the DR's best wishes out to the family and friends of Washington Redskin's cornerback Sean Taylor who died early this morning as the result of a gunshot wound sustained in what is being called an attempted robbery. I'll admit that on numerous occasions I've wished death upon opponents of the Eagles, particularly those in the NFC East. It turns out I didn't really mean it. At 24, Taylor certainly had a long career of punishing the Eagles ahead of him, and it's tragic that it had to end the way it did. So on behalf of the DR and Philly in general, RIP Sean Taylor. Put ya lighters up.


  1. DC thanks you for your thoughts and prayers regarding Taylor.

    I come to the site for news and views on todays sixers move, and nothing. Y'all motherfuckers are sleeping or slipping or whatever.

  2. yeah, wake up! You all are spending too much time on your full-time jobs and the TPS reports or something. Where is a new blog for December?

  3. this is bull shit. the dedication to posting is non-existent. Time to start reading a new blog, we are pushing well over a month since last report. Sammy goes for career highs, our GM gets fired, we start winning, and Korver gets traded...yet nothing from the DR. It's a sad day when I must fill my days reading about this purported Bhutto assassination and not Sammy's daily exploits.

  4. Korver got traded? Learn something new everyday....