Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sammy, the Sixers and Suicide

Since there's really not much to be said about last nights 76ers game and the way its personified the egregious, unconscionable disgrace that the 2006-07 season has been, we're just posting this mornings daily online conversations between your DR editors:

kenz1980:i though i told you to shoot me in the head this morning
kenz1980: still can't even look at a NBA standings chart
me: no
dont do it to yourself
kenz1980: oh well
11:49 AM
me: if we hadnt gone through thats shit show of benching iverson we'd be like the 5th seed in the east right now
kenz1980: true, and i think right now we'd take anybody in the east sans detroit and miami
fuck cleveland
fuck chicago
FUCK washington
they stink
me: seriously
11:50 AM
kenz1980: toronto would be tough
me: does webbers contract still count against the cap next year?
kenz1980: yes
of course it does
he's a curse
a blight
me: so basically we are looking at the exact same team next year?
theres no way for us to improve?
11:52 AM
kenz1980: yes, plus some 7ft european who we've never heard of who weighs 150lbs
who we wil pick at 10
kenz1980: i wonder what our odds are at this point
11:56 AM
me: nah less
kenz1980: fuckin shoot me
kenz1980: what a season it's been
me: i wish i could be happy about it
but its just depressing
kenz1980: i remember clearly getting blown away in memphis and we had the worst record in the league and a top 3 pick was our destiny
and it was consoling
that was ages, and many many horrible wins ago
me: theres nothing to do but hope another season of playing with 'dre makes everyone better
kenz1980: you're right
me: we can find a silver lining
kenz1980: at least there's a phillies game tonight
oh wait
they SUCK
me: should i just 9-11 out the window right now?
11:59 AM
kenz1980: probably, except you're in the 30-30 club, and nobody in that rareafied level should harm themselves
except with drugs and booze and women
12:00 PM
me: when sports fail us, there's always those