Monday, April 9, 2007

But What Ever Happened To Burglecutt?

The mental state of the man who's tasked to remain in the office past the appointed witching hour of 5 o'clock is seldom a pleasant one, especially on a day where his various sports franchises have left him such a state of bleak abandonment that he wonders what's the point of having a professional sports team in the first place.

In such dire straits, he turned to the one man he knew he could always count on when things got tough: Samuel Dalembert. WWSDD? he wondered.

As if guided by an invisible hand, he summoned up the Dalembert Report on his desktop. From there it was a simple matter to click on the ever-present Warwick Davis link, and there, shining out from the pulsing computer screen like a diamond hidden in the coal-black rectum of Djimon Hounsou, was proof that the forces of good had not abandoned his world entirely.

While filming 'Prince Caspian' in Queenstown, New Zealand, I dropped into the Flight Experience centre there. This is a place where you can take the controls of a commercial airliner in a simulator.

I was greeted by Laura Hopkirk who is the manager of the facility. I made a booking for a one hour flight with a qualified pilot. During our conversation, I mentioned how much Queenstown had changed since I was here twenty years ago while shooting 'Willow'. Well, she almost fell over! She told me that she was baby 'Elora Danan' for the New Zealand part of the shoot.

We both exclaimed 'what a small world it was', then I stepped aboard 'Davis Airways' Boeing 737' and took off for a scenic flight to find 'Willow' locations around New Zealand's South Island.

Little Elora Danon is all grown up, and she filled out fa reals!

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