Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Got 5 Minutes?

Of course you do. Lord knows DVDubs has it, that dude has so much spare time he gives it away to homeless beggars on the street. But I digress. I have little to offer in the way of sports commentary today, other than a pair of dismissive wanking motions directed towards the Lakers and the Penguins, but I did bring some youtube heat, courtesy of a bored, lonely, probably morbidly obese man who has both the time and computer wizardry to put something like this together:

PCP looks AWESOME. Not as awesome as the second half of the video of course.....

Oh, wait, there is a mild sports related matter: vote early and vote often for your favorite Phils for the all star game. Chase leads all vote getters for every position, J-Roll leads all shortstops and Raul leads all outfielders. Lets keep it that way. Go over to mlb.com, but not before you've watched the above video for the tenth time.