Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sixers Got the Magic Stick

Courtesy of, here are some synonyms for the word "Magic":

Alchemy: The Magic are a bunch of medieval shysters trying to convince the world that they can turn lead into gold.

Astrology: The Magic are the Psychic Friends Network.

Augury: The Magic are a drill-like tool used to put holes in people's lawns.

Bewitchment: The Magic are a witch trying to lead the life of a suburban housewife in a 1960's sitcom.

Black Art:
The Magic belong on the wall of Big Firms new house.

Diabolism: The Magic are a Bulgarian death metal band consisting of three members: Agarvaen, Lord Deimos Infernal Frost and Angrist. They took first prize at the 3rd annual Bulgarian National Death Metal Festival in 1996. Critics describe their music as "raw", "cold" and "ungodly".

Hocus Pocus: The Magic are Kazaam.

Illusion: The Magic are fraudulent.

The Magic like resurrecting corpses from the dead... and then having sex with them.

Occultism: The Magic are a bunch of pale teenagers painting their finger nails black, playing Ouija, and listening to Marilyn Manson.

Taboo: The Magic are an enthralling board game wherein players take turns describing a word or phrase on a drawn card to their partner without using five common additional words or phrases also on the card. Also, the Magic are the gay Indian dude from Black Eyed Peas.

Trickery: The Magic like turning tricks.

Voodoo: The Magic are amateur medicine men powerless under the spell of Sammy D's Haitian Jedi Mind Tricks.