Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Das EFX with the Real Hip-Hop?

As I was perusing the 76ers Dance Team bio page (how is it that they are all in nursing school? Am I missing something?) I came across this fabulous picture of Hip-Hop doing his part to make sure Thursday's game is a sellout by rounding up Philadelphia's homeless population and plying them with free "Run With Us" t shirts. Is there anything that wascally wabbit won't do for the good of the team?

In other news, my cubicle mate here at the CromCastle is telling me that Da-wight Howard will be suspended for Game 6 after is unprovoked assault on Sammy D. Could this mean a breakout game for the Haitian One? Such events are always possible, though I suspect the Sixers will use this suspension as an excuse to uncork an uninspired display of mediocrity, squeezing through to a Game 7 only because, Da-wight-less, the so-called Magic are little more than a group of second-rate hucksters pulling quarters from the ears of toddlers.

At any rate, I plan to be joining Hip-Hop and his homeless brigands at the former FU Center on Thursday, doubtless spending timeouts furiously texting updates to the DR's NBA TV-less Chicago correspondent. I think we'll win.


  1. NBA TV should be banned from the world. I am in my own personal purgatory here in the windy city. Not only are all the games on NBA TV, but they are also being played at the EXACT same time as all Bulls games, making it virtually impossible for me to locate a gay sports bar in my gayborhood that will be playing my beloved Sixers. Shockingly, even watching the game on the internet I can tell that yesterday's disaster was a stank piece of basketball, by both teams.

    And of course they are all in nursing school. If you were fucking Jason Smith, Reggie Evans, and Young Reese on an everyday basis, you too would want to diagnose your STDs as quickly as possible.

  2. go to buffalo wild wings...thats what i do

  3. Why does that Donnie Darko freak of a rabbit need a knee brace to hand out T-shirts to bums??? I'm positive he snatched the shirt back after the picture and moved on to the next creepy photo opp.

  4. big firm, i done told you to get a slingbox. and now look - you are in gay sports purgatory. (and every other gay purgatory, it seems, based on the picture EDG linked to).

    i also feel i would not be doing my duty as...myself...if i did not say: LAKERS WILL GO ALL THE WAY.


  5. /anonymous

    and seriously, why is he still wearing the knee brace 8 months after he actually hurt himself?

  6. I couldn't view it, but I will assume you linked to the Big Firm Hooters photo.