Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun With Taxes

For the employed out there, the end of this month marks the beginning of tax time. The process of doing ones taxes can be quite overwhelming to some, but luckily these gentlemen are here to help.

With each passing day, our country is one step closer to it's depiction in Idiocracy. Stay classy.


  1. Thank God Mo' Money taxes hasn't yet reached Pennsylvania.



  4. I wish we could have signed Clifton Lee instead of Joe Blanton... No offense, Fintan. At least Victorino will be staying put as well.

  5. You fuckers are really lazy.

  6. Okay, so it seems like no one's gonna step up and write about the Phils and their moves this off-season thus far, so I will do it.

    Added Roy Halladay; Yeah! Lost Cliff Lee and prospects; booo!

    Signed Flintskins... I mean Blanton, Ruiz, and Victorino.

    Pick-ups: Peanut head Polanco: check. Fidel Castro (aka. the hispanic Eric Bruntlet): check. Brian Schneider (to back up Chooch): check. Phils also picked up Danys Baez and Jose Contreras, who used to be good, but posted something like a 5-16 record in his last season, with an approximate ERA of 5 (these numbers are off the top of my head, so don't hold me to them). Hopefully, he will return to his salad days with the Phightins. He will have to battle with Methuesla, I mean Moyer, and Kendrick, for the final spot in the starting rotation.

    Manuel says, "I say I say, we can win it again." Gotta love the guy.

  7. Shut up, anonymous.

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