Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Money Be Green

With the exception of our one reader who wouldn't watch the show when season 1 was lent to him, like most rational adults, we can all agree that The Wire was one of, if not the best show ever made. So, on this random Tuesday I am posting this epic video of the top 100 quotes from The Wire, as compiled by some random person with decent knowledge of video editing software. Block out 10 minutes and enjoy, if for no other reason because it's far more entertaining than watching the Sixers.



  1. Yeah, you lent me the first season of the wire like you saw me with a sign on Stenton Avenue; you didn't. Has anyone on the DR staff met Hurk. Didn't think so... And Bobak doesn't count.

  2. Bag of videos after back surgery, it was in there.

  3. I survived solely on The Office in my bed-ridden Percocet haze.


  4. A season of which was in that very bag as well. Check and mate.

    And we like to call it a Dan-willing/DR Awards 08 haze, thank you.

  5. What in sarm harl are ya'll tarlkin abart?