Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was only a matter of time

From the "get the fuck out" category of the day, I am sad to report that Corie Blount has been sentenced to one year in prison for, get this... marijuana use. A judge rejected his guilty plea, which essentially suggested that Mr. Blount needed 29 pounds of weed for his own personal consumption. Hmmm. Not even Dominican Bill could smoke that much of the Bul Bubak's weed if he had a party every Saturday night for the rest of his life. I know what you're saying: a guy named "Blount" smokes marijuana? And copious amounts of it at that? Shocking development, indeed. His forefathers must be completely blindsided by the development, and Mark Blount is probably flushing drugs down the toilet as we speak.

Before we know it Rudy Gay and William Gay will be hanging out at the 12th Street Gym. Bumpy Knuckles will have Bumpy Knuckles, and I will be featured in a Playboy Magazine spread.  

Also, I hate the Celtics. But more on that later once I am off a work computer and free to spew hatred at my convenience. 


  1. Ahhh, and speaking of the Celtics, shades of ol' double zero himself, The Chief, Robert Parrish.

    I luh night court. I'm gently humming the tune in my head right now.

    Joharri is taller than J-Roll.

    The Beverly Hills Cop clip features Falky.

  2. I hate the Celtics, but kind of love Big Baby, if only for his name... And his mom is a crack whore.

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  4. i hate the Celtics, deeply. i also, btw, hate foreign people (or people from cities without NBA teams) who move to Boston then immediately start wearing Celtics (or Red Sox) gear and claiming to be Celtics fans. no you're not, dude, you're just a follower.

    but i do love a 'Big Baby Pushes Fat Kid' headline or any derivative thereof, just like any American.

    but that's not why i came in here - this is why - ESPN's hard-hitting reporting on the C Blount story. (thank big firm for the link)

  5. Greg Ostertag is my one and only double zero.

  6. You had me at hating foreigners, cee.

    What's next? Former NBA'er Sam Mack being arrested for pimping? Stephen Jackson arrested for kidnapping a young boy? Shaquille O'Neal arrested for some manner of alcohol related offense?

  7. Fine Tone is on a comment killing spree! The man can't be stopped.

  8. it's like Charles Barkley getting arrested for liking BJs. the law enforcement policy in this country is just effed.