Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Michael Michael you my...

Ron Ron will never disappoint, it's as simple as that. The man cries for mike. We learn from this song that Artest is willing to turn into a pacifist for MJ - "Even though I'm always strapped, I'm putting down my mac for Mikey Jack." You might also want to pick up the newest Laker in your deathpools - "I know you in heaven hope to see you next year." Without further ado I bring you the best song ever.


  1. Ron Artest wants to touch Jacko's hand. That's gay.

  2. Unrelated;

    Top Twenty Sci Fi Films of all time:

    1. Bladerunner
    2. Gattaca
    3. La Jetee
    4. Predator
    5. Alien
    6. Dune
    7. Total recall
    8. Robocop
    9. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    10. The Hidden
    11. ET
    12. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    13. Aliens
    14. Enemy Mine
    15. The Sixth Senese
    16. Wall-E
    17. Freejack
    18. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the Donald Sutherland version)
    19. Leviathan
    20. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    21. Twelve Monkeys
    22. Planet of the Apes
    23. Brave New World
    24. Time Bandits
    25. Millenium
    26. AI
    27. The Abyss
    28. The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension
    29. Dr. Who
    30. The Running Man

    Honorable Mention:
    The Fifth Element
    Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

  3. And by twenty, I meant thirty.

  4. Top ten fantasy films of all time:

    1. Labyrinth
    2. Legend
    3. The Never Ending Story
    4. Excalibur
    5. Willow
    6. The Lord of the Rings Series
    7. The Dark Crystal
    8. The Last Unicorn
    9. Cats Eye
    10. The Harry Potter Series (nerds)

  5. For the sci fi films, should have fit in:

    Galaxy Quest
    No Escape

  6. Top Twenty Five Comedies (in no discernable order):

    1. Trading Places
    2. Dumb and Dumber
    3. The Jerk
    4. Caddyshack
    5. Ace Ventura
    6. Kingpin
    7. Weird Science
    8. Airplane
    9. The Naked Gun
    10. UHF
    11. Uncle Buck
    12. Coming To America
    13. So I Married an Axe Muderer
    14. What About Bob?
    15. Uncle Buck
    16. Quick Change
    17. Sixteen Cnadles
    18. Tommy Boy
    19. Billy Madison
    20. Happy Gilmore
    21. The Toy
    22. Blazing Saddles
    23. Space Balls
    24. I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
    25. Fear of a Black Hat

  7. More to come...

  8. Sir Skins has correctly pointed out that Groundhog Day belongs on the comedies list, with which I wholeheartedly agrizzle. "I aGree."

  9. This song is not good and those lists make no sense.

  10. Eat my balls, Gordon.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaaf_9TqPL8

  12. What are the staff's thoughts on the Phils comeback last night? The All-star game? Halladay? Pedro? Steve McNair's corpse? Lance Armstrong's ball? Chris Coste being waived? Wheels being a fucking asshole? Sarge being a retard? McCarthy's chrome-dome alien head? Sammy D's off-season activities?

  13. Phils signed Pedro, and put him on the 15-day DL.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JhuOicPFZY

  15. Strahan has his own sitcom. Oh god.

  16. The fact that the actor that plays Kenny throws like a girl, and Darryl from the office swings like a 5 year old playing T-ball is of no consequence. This is a great show.


  17. Where is everybody? There is lots to discuss.

    Hollis Thomas back to the birds? Diamond studded chin bling? What?


    Hope all is well with everyone!

  18. Phils: 8 in a row.

    11 days left to get Halladay.

    Michael Vick out of house arrest: Should his NFL suspension be lifted? In my opinion, no, since he is a dog-fighting fuck who feels remorse for his personal misfortune--lost cash, prison time, suspension, jail time, embarrassment--but I doubt very much that he actually feels remorse for any of the dogs he hung and electrocuted.

    Eagles with a bad-ass O-line?

    See you at the party, Richter?

    At this rate, Stand Watie won't have too much to sift through for the DR awards this year.

  19. DVDUBS, lets talk about Halladay:

    In my opinion if the Phils trade for Halladay their chances of repeating increase tremendously. Halladay/Hamels paired with our offense and bullpen would be close to impossible to beat in a 7 game series. The people that don't make that trade because of unknown prospects and JA Happ are nuts, right? I would trade just about anyone to relive last fall, wouldn't you? Drabek, Happ, Taylor could be great but they could also be Ben Rivera, Tyler Greene, and Ricky Jordan. Those guys were can't miss savior prospects back in the day too. But isn't one of the reasons you have these prospects to help you acquire proven talent that helps you win now when you have a good, if not great team already? In my eyes the Phils have 5 years at the most with the current core to win more championships. Before last year, I had never witnessed my team win the ultimate game and by getting Halladay the Phils would be legit contenders for at least 2 more years. I say take the plunge Rube, trade Toronto anyone they want.


  20. I a-GREE! I think you gotta give up Happ, Drabek, etc. for Halladay. He is a badass, and yes, any trade is a gamble, but I do think he would make the rotation pretty sick. I like Happ, and having prospects is great, but I think you gotta go for the glory. It seems to me that prospects are for rebuilding, and the Phightins don't need to rebuild at this point. They need a cuz who will put them over the top. Happ has had great success, which is fun to watch, but also makes him an increasingly more enticing trading chip.

    I, like many others, felt sated by the world series win last year, and in many ways, I still can't believe that it happened. However, now it's looking like a repeat is possible... Not probable... But possible.

    We'll see how this trade shit plays out.

    Go phuckin' Phightins!

  21. I couldn't have said it better myself.


  22. You better not mess with Major Fred:


  23. Ghostbusters definitely belongs on one of the film lists.

    City of Lost Children should go on the Fantasy/sci-fi list.

  24. Yo...I luh Steve Park:


  25. Homerun Ruben Amarro! I think this Cliff Lee deal is going to be good.

    RIP Jim Johnson.

  26. Big Poppy (Poopy)=Big Roidy... Big surprise (and I mean that sarcastically).

  27. One of these days...